đź‘‹ Moving out guidelines

Move-out notice

Before moving out, either at the end of the lease term, any extension of the lease term, or prior to the end of the lease term, you must give our representative advance written notice of your intention to vacate as required by paragraph 3 (Lease Term). If you move out prior to the end of the lease term, your notice does not act as a release of liability for the full term of the Lease Contract. You will still be liable for the entire Lease Contract term if you move out early under paragraph 22 (Release of Resident) except if you are able to terminate your tenancy under the statutory rights explained under paragraph 22 (Release of Resident), or any other applicable laws. All notices to vacate must be in writing and must provide the date by which you intend to vacate. If the notice does not comply with the time requirements of paragraph 3 (Lease Term), even if you move by the last date in the lease term, you will be responsible for an additional month’s rent. If you fail to vacate by the date set forth in your notice, you will automatically and immediately become a holdover tenant pursuant to state law, and we will have all remedies available under this Lease Contract and state law.

Move-out procedures

The move-out date can’t be changed unless both parties agree in writing. You won’t move out before the Lease Contract term or renewal period ends unless all rent for the entire Lease Contract term or renewal period is paid in full. Early move-out may result in acceleration of future rent under paragraph 32 (Default by Resident). You’re prohibited by law from applying any security deposit to rent. You won’t stay beyond the date you are supposed to move out. All residents, guests, and occupants must abandon the apartment before the 30-day period for deposit refund begins. You must give us and the U.S. Postal Service, in writing, each resident’s forwarding address.


You must thoroughly clean the apartment, including doors, windows, furniture, bathrooms, kitchen appliances, patios, balconies, garages, carports, and storage rooms. You must follow move-out cleaning instructions if they have been provided. If you don’t clean adequately, you’ll be liable for reasonable cleaning charges.


You should meet with our representative for a move-out inspection. Our representative has no authority to bind or limit us regarding deductions for repairs, damages, or charges. Any statements or estimates by us or our representative are subject to our correction, modification, or disapproval before final refunding or accounting. You may be present at move-out inspection if you notify us in advance in writing of your request.


You’ll be liable for the following charges, if applicable: unpaid rent; unpaid utilities; unreimbursed service charges; repairs or damages caused by negligence, carelessness, accident, or abuse, including stickers, scratches, tears, burns, stains, or unapproved holes; replacement cost of our property that was in or attached to the apartment and is missing; replacing dead or missing smoke-detector batteries or carbon monoxide detector batteries; utilities for repairs or cleaning; trips to let in company representatives to remove your telephone or TV cable services or rental items (if you so request or have moved out); trips to open the apartment when you or any guest or occupant is missing a key; unreturned keys; missing or burned- out light bulbs; removing or rekeying unauthorized access control devices or alarm systems; packing, removing, or storing property removed or stored under paragraph 12 (Property Left in Apartment); removing illegally parked vehicles; special trips for trash removal caused by parked vehicles blocking dumpsters; false security-alarm charges unless due to our negligence; animal-related charges under paragraph 27 (Animals); government fees or fines against us for violation (by you, your occupants, or guests) of local ordinances relating to smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, false alarms, recycling, or other matters; late-payment and returned- check charges; a charge (not to exceed $100) for owner/manager’s time and inconvenience in our lawful removal of an animal or in any valid eviction proceeding against you, plus attorney’s fees, court costs, and filing fees actually paid; and other sums due under this Lease Contract.

You’ll be liable to us for: (1) charges for replacing all keys and access devices referenced in paragraph 5 (Keys) if you fail to return them on or before your actual move-out date; and (2) accelerated rent if you have violated paragraph 32 of the lease (Default by Resident).

Deposit return, surrender, and abandonment

Deposit Return. Your deposit will be returned (less lawful deductions) via the original payment method along with an itemized accounting of any deductions no later than 14 business days after the termination of your tenancy, surrender or abandonment, and return of possession and demand by you. If the original payment method is not available, you must provide a mail forwarding address. If you fail to provide us with your forwarding address in writing, as required above, we will process the unclaimed security deposit in accordance with state law.

Surrender. You have surrendered the apartment when: (1) the move-out date has passed and no one is living in the apartment in our reasonable judgment; or (2) all apartment keys and access devices listed in paragraph 5 (Keys) have been turned in where rent is paid—whichever date occurs first. An apartment is also “surrendered” 10 days after the death of a sole resident.

Abandonment. Surrender, abandonment, and judicial eviction end your right of possession for all purposes and gives us the immediate right to: clean up, make repairs in, and relet the apartment; determine any security deposit deductions; and remove property left in the apartment in accordance with state law. Surrender, abandonment, and judicial eviction affect your rights to property left in the apartment (paragraph 12 in lease - Property Left in Apartment), but do not affect our mitigation obligations (paragraph 32 in lease - Default by Resident). Once these conditions precedent occur, we may retake the apartment pursuant to A.R.S. § 33-1370 by (1) mailing to you a notice of abandonment via certified U.S. mail with return receipt requested to the apartment and to any other known address, (2) posting the notice of abandonment upon the front door of the apartment for a five day period, and (3) entering the apartment at the end of the five-day period.

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