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The parking lot is open to the general public from 8 am to 11 pm. There are signs in the lot with simple instructions to text, scan the QR code, or use the Air Garage mobile app so guests and visitors can register their vehicles and pay for parking outside public operating hours. Overnight guests can park for 7 days consecutively using the guest promo code from the resident they are visiting. All visitors must register their vehicles or else their car may be ticketed or towed.

Overnight parking

The parking lot is open 8 am - 11 pm. If you have a guest who needs to park outside of those hours, they can do so with your special promo code. Overnight parking is $20 per night or 50% off with the code.

Here are AirGarage at Culdesac One-Pager instructions for your overnight guest to follow these simple steps to pay for parking:

  1. Text "pay" to (928) 492-5911
  2. Click the link sent by (928) 492-5911
  3. Fill out all information required, including email, license plate, payment method, etc.
  4. Select "+ I have a discount code"
  5. Enter Your Guest Parking Discount Code: XXXXXXXXX for half off standard parking rates
  6. Select "Apply Code"
  7. They are clear to park →

Please note the following rules for overnight guest parking:

  1. You are responsible at all times for your guests.
  2. Each resident has a unique guest parking code.
  3. Guests must pay for parking outside of the parking lot during open hours.
  4. Guests can park for a maximum of 24 hours in one session while using the code.
  5. Guests can park for 7 consecutive days on-site per the lease agreement.
  6. Abusing the guest parking code may result in losing access to guest parking, community violations, fines, or even eviction.
  7. Guests parked overnight must use the system or else their car may be ticketed or towed.

If you have any additional questions - please feel free to contact our leasing office during working hours or email Air Garage customer service directly at help.airgarage.com. 

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