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How to Sign up for Resident Insure

We’re excited to announce a partnership with ResidentInsure!  Our partner offers discounted premium rates, simplified one-step enrollment, streamlined policy uploads via Resident Portal, and much more. Get a quote by visiting or by calling toll free 877.577.0850.    

Note that this renters insurance, and most renters insurance, does not cover ebikes. And if your insurance does, make sure that they cover the type of ebike that you have. E.g. some renters insurance only covers an ebike without a throttle

Residents will need to obtain insurance with our new partner or through an insurance carrier of your choice.  Please provide proof of insurance coverage with a minimum amount of $100,000* in your Resident Portal with an effective date of midnight on your lease start date to avoid any charges. If you do not provide proof of liability insurance meeting the minimum requirements of your lease, your property will place insurance, required by your lease, at a cost to you of $35 per month until you submit proof of coverage.  This insurance cost will be added to your monthly rental payment.   

For all residents with policies not purchased through ResidentInsure:  

***All policies not purchased through ResidentInsure will need to include the following Interested Party*** (name may vary by carrier: additional interest or 3rd party interest):  

**Culdesac Tempe** PO Box 477 Lehi, UT 84043  

Steps to complete by your Lease Start Date:

1.     Log into your Resident Portal

2.     Select Renter’s Insurance from the Dashboard

3.     Click Add Policy and enter details of coverage and upload a Declarations page

4.     Add Your Own Policy from a carrier of your choice that meets your current lease’s requirement OR enroll with ResidentInsure

For additional information or if you have any questions, please contact or call 877.577.0850.  

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