🧰 Preventative Maintenance

Renter Preventative Maintenance Routine

Below are some basic preventative maintenance tips that everyone should know, provided by our Maintenance Team.



  • Clean dryer vent trap between every load
  • Don't wash grease, oils, rice, grains, or large food pieces down the garbage disposal


  • Run washing machine cleaner through on clean cycle


  • Change air filters - submit a work request!


  • Swap the direction of your ceiling fan's rotation every cool season and warm season. Counterclockwise or "down" for summer, clockwise or "up" for winter!

More tips for a well-maintained apartment home:

  1. Air filter changes should happen every 3 months. Put in a work order so we can swap them!
  2. Use a washing machine cleaner and run a cleaning cycle once a month to keep your washer in top condition!
  3. Dryer lint traps should be cleared between every load.
  4. Dishwashers have filters that should be cleaned regularly. They also have cleaning products to use in the dishwasher once a month.
  5. Garbage disposals shouldn't be used for fats, oils, rice, pasta, or large pieces or quantities of food.


During the summertime, temperatures outside are extreme. Set your AC to a temperature it can reach before setting it much lower. If it struggles for too long it can freeze over and stop working. Follow these guidelines so you don't experience AC Damage:


  • Please don’t run the ACs under 68 deg F for long periods of time - it can result in excess condensation in the machine or coils freezing over which can prompt it to shut off
  • Please don’t run the ACs over 85 deg F for long periods of time - this can affect how well the vinyl floors in the unit adhere to the ground
  • Advise against setting your AC to below 72 deg F for long periods of time in the summer, as it can cause excessive condensation and prompt the unit to freeze over

HVAC Maintenance

  • Filters should be changed every 3 months
  • If you need it before the 3 month change, submit a work order!

Routine Habits for a Healthy Apartment

Dishwasher Use

  • Pre-wash dishes in the sink to remove large pieces of food (larger than grains of rice)
  • Load dishes so water is able to reach all surfaces
  • Don’t run when dishes are covered in highly absorbent materials (rice, pasta, soil, etc.)

Dishwasher Maintenance

  • Run a dishwasher cleaner through it once a month
  • Clean the dishwasher filter regularly to prevent clogs and bad odors

Garbage Disposal Use

  • Garbage disposals aren’t meant to dispose of food pieces much larger than a pea
  • Scrape food scraps into trash before rinsing in sink
  • Don’t rinse highly absorbent foods down the drain (rice, pasta, grains)
  • Don’t pour grease or oil down the drain - Absorb it with a paper towel when cool and throw it away

Washing Machine Use

  • The barrel of the washing machine shouldn’t be more than halfway full
  • Most detergents are high efficiency and don’t require much to work - read the instructions

Washing Machine Maintenance

  • Run a washing machine cleaner through it once a month to prevent odors and hard water buildup

Dryer Use & Maintenance

  • Don’t run materials that may melt through the dryer with the heat on
  • Clean the lint trap after every load to prevent lint from clogging the exhaust pipe

Toilet, Shower, & Sink Use

  • Don’t try to flush or rinse large items or great quantities of items down drains at once
  • For toilets, about 8 pieces of toilet paper is ideal

To submit maintenance requests, use the resident portal app or call the Leasing Office 480.210.6004

Please submit maintenance requests for service to your unit in a timely manner from the time you see something that needs to be addressed.

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