Getting Pets Around Tempe

Some of our furry friends love traveling, and some hate it. But at one point or another, they're all going to need to go somewhere. Here are some tips on how to do that

Uber Pet

Lyft doesn't have a dedicated pet-friendly service. In practice, drivers may be okay with your pet, but also they might not, and that can create uncertainty in planning. Also Waymo may or may not enforce their no-pet policy on a given ride.

So when you need bonafide permission for a pet in a car, Uber Pet is your best option. It's a subset of Uber drivers, so waits may be longer. Plan accordingly

Bike travel

Trailers for bikes can work well. Also for smaller animals, there are carriers that can fit on a front or back basket.

Valley Metro

Here is Valley Metro's page on service animals, which appears to have guidance on non-service animals as well (but is ambiguous).

"Unfortunately therapy dogs and household pets are not allowed on buses unless they can be stowed within an enclosed pet carrier that fits on the lap or beneath the seat."

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