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Rent aTesla by the hour or by the day.

Watch this quick guide to tēn4 carshare, then learn more below.

Our tēn4 Fleet

The single white Tesla Model Y, license plate HO49AU, is located next to the trash enclosure at the southwestern corner of the Culdesac Tempe parking lot at EV charger 442.

Rates and Availability

tēn4 cars must be booked 1 hour in advance of the start of your trip.

  • Full service check ins: Booking must start during customer service hours: 8am to 10pm, 7 days/week. Booking can end anytime, 24/7.
  • 24/7 self check ins: If you need to access a car between 10pm and 8am and are comfortable checking in without assistance, please contact tēn4 at 201.228.0814 or culdesac@ten4rentals.com before 10pm the day before your trip to book. Alternatively, consider Envoy.
Your guests can use tēn4! Use the same process described above. Make sure to book at least 1 hour before your trip.

We're interested in your thoughts!

Please provide feedback about what you like and don't like regarding tēn4 and Envoy carshare. Going forward, we'll continue to monitor usage and update pricing.

Book a rental

  1. Either book online
    1. Go to culdesac.ten4rentals.com.
    2. Tap "Book now," then select hourly or daily rental.
    3. Select a date and time. If you're booking is a single day, click your desired date twice.
    4. Enter your personal details and payment information.
  2. Or book via phone or email
    1. Contact tēn4 at 201.228.0814 or culdesac@ten4rentals.com 8am to 10pm, 7 days/week
  3. Look for an email to get ready for your trip.
  4. Download the Tesla app on the App Store or Google Play Store and create your own Tesla account so you can use your phone as the key.
If you are prompted to enter the car's VIN, stop: You do not need the vehicle VIN at any point. Use the shared instant access link you'll recieve 30 minutes before your booking instead.

Start your trip

  1. You'll receive at text message 30 minutes before your booking start time. Click the link you received to add the car to your newly created Tesla Account.
  2. In the Tesla App, scroll down and select "Setup Phone Key." Once your Phone Key is connected, the car will unlock. Make sure to allow the app to use Bluetooth and GPS so it can connect.
    1. In the Tesla App, tap the lock on the left below the image of the car to lock and unlock the car.
  3. Unplug the charger and hang it on the EV charging pole hook. If you don't take the Tesla charging adapter, the plug won't fit in the receiver because of it.
The charging cord should hang sideways on the hook half way up the EV charger pole
If you'll need to charge mid-journey, take the Tesla adapter with you. Otherwise, keep it connected to the charging cord, and hang the cord rather than plugging it in to the receiver.
  1. Open the car door: press on the larger right side of the black handle to reveal the handle which opens the latch.
  2. Hop in and set up your Tesla controls. The car will remember your settings between uses based on your Tesla account.
  3. Before leaving: Text at least 6 exterior and 4 interior photos of the car’s condition to 201.228.0814. Preexisting damage photos are only valid if sent before leaving the Culdesac parking lot.
  4. Shift into drive and you're off.
Your Phone Key will automatically stop working 30 minutes after your scheduled end time. If you're running late, give ten4 a call at 201.228.0814 to extend your booking.

Experiencing braking when you take your foot off the gas?

Tesla's version of one-pedal driving may be turned on. This mode engages regenerative braking anytime you release the gas pedal. To turn one-pedal driving off:

  1. Tap the menu button shaped like a car in the bottom left
  2. Tap "Pedals & Steering"
  3. Change the "Stoping mode"
    1. Creep: typical 2-pedal driving
    2. Roll: somewhere in between
    3. Hold: one-pedal driving; extended range because of increased regenerative braking
Tesla controls panel showing steps to change one-pedal braking

When you return

  1. If the car is dirty at the end of your trip, please run by any CobbleStone Auto Spa location for a free interior and/or exterior cleaning.
    1. Returning on Highway 60 from the southwest: 616 W Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283 full service
    2. Returning on Highway 60 from the southeast: 1920 South Alma School Road Mesa, AZ 85210 exterior wash + DIY vacuums
    3. Returning on Loop 101 from the north: 15816 N Pima RdScottsdale, AZ 85260 full service
    4. Returning from any other direction: find other locations
Please be kind to your neighbors and keep the car tidy: Car washes and interior cleanings are free at any CobbleStone Auto Spa location with the unlimited car wash sticker on the windshield.
  1. Return the car to its designated spot in the parking lot. Entering the parking lot from Apache Blvd, drive past the second trash enclosure, then park on the right at charger 442. Please park head-out, so the charging port is close to the charging pole.
  2. Before you walk away from the car: Text at least 6 exterior and 4 interior photos of the car's condition to 201.228.0814. Post-rental photos are only valid if sent immediately at the time of drop-off.
  3. Lock the car with your Tesla App. Your booking is complete.
You do not need to plug the car in after your rental. Culdesac staff plug in the cars regularly.

With questions or for roadside assistance

It is the driver's responsibility to manage the battery range of the vehicle and to successfully return the vehicle to its parking space.

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