🚕 Waymo - 6 months of ride discounts

Discounts: 2 free rides monthly in your first 6 months*, 20% off rides between 6am-4pm M-F**



  • during your first 6 months at Culdesac

Get Started

  1. Download the Waymo One app on the iPhone App Store or the Google Play Store
  2. Tap Account
  3. Tap Promotions
  4. Tap Redeem code
  5. Add the code given to you. If you can't find your code, please reach out to us
  6. The discounts will automatically apply to your next trips

Receive free and discounted rides on the Waymo One app

Waymo is an autonomous ridehail service operating across most of the Valley of the Sun.

You may be matched with a Waymo if you request a ride via the Uber app. However, your Waymo benefits will not apply unless you book the ride within the Waymo One app.

For more details about Waymo, check out their website

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