🚲 Archer’s Bikes - Resident discounts

Get free tuneups, flat tire fixes, bike rental discounts and more at your neighborhood bike shop.

Archer’s is your local bike shop where you can purchase bikes and accessories, get service, and ask any bike questions. Archer’s Bikes is located on the first floor of the Hub bulding facing Apache Blvd.

Culdesac resident discounts

Archer's Bikes provides exclusive deals for Culdesac residents.

Discounts on bikes and accessories:

  • Discounts and specials on select bikes
  • Discounts on repair kits, helmets, headlights, and more

Free and discounted service and rentals:

  • Free bike health check (once annually)
  • Free flat tire repair (once annually; parts extra)
  • Discounts on hourly and daily bike rentals
  • Discounts on service, including bike assembly, diagnostics, and more

See all offerings on Archer's website.

You'll also go to Archer's to pick up your free Lectric ebike

For more information or for answers to your bike questions, check out their website, call them at 480-636-6081 or email them at info@archersbikesculdesac.com.

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