🚲 Lectric - Free XP 2.0 ebike

Ride in style on your free Lectric XP ebike or another discounted Lectric bike!

The first 200 residents of Culdesac Tempe will receive a free Lectric XP ebike, or can upgrade to a different Lectric model and receive a $300 credit toward the retail price of the ebike.

For more information about our partnership with Lectric, check out this blog post. For more information about Lectric eBikes, check out their website.

How to claim your free ebike

If you want to claim a Lectric XP

  • Make your way over to Archer's Bikes (located in the Hub building).
    • You must order your bike within 30 days of your move-in date or you will forfeit your free ebike.
  • Meet with the Archer's team to sign your service form, pay the $100 setup fee, and organize your pickup time. You will have 7 days from your set pickup time to pick up your bike.
  • Your ebike will be assembled, tuned, and ready to ride when you pick it up. Don't forget to pick out accessories, like a helmet and lock!
  • Make sure to register your bike with Project 529 to be eligible for the Bike Peace of Mind rental gift card
At your Archer's appointment, you’ll pay a $100 service fee, agree to participate in surveys run by Lectric so they can learn more about how you like to ride, and receive tips on best riding practices, bike servicing, and more. Be sure to check out their website to see your exclusive resident discounts!

If you want to claim a discount on another Lectric bike

You can upgrade to a different Lectric ebike and receive a $300 credit toward the retail price.

Please contact us with the model of Lectric ebike you would prefer.

If you don't want a Lectric bike

You're welcome to participate in a “pay it forward” program.

A future Culdesac Tempe resident (past the initial 200 residents) will receive your bike.

More information

The Lectric XP is the ultimate next-level ride, engineered with award-winning features that make it the most popular single model on the market. Uniquely equipped with both variable pedal assist and throttle, the XP delivers the speed and sustainability to own the road as either a Class 1, 2, or 3 ebike. Fat tires, coupled with adjustable front fork suspension, are designed to power through all types of terrain, while a foldable design guarantees your ride will fit into virtually any compact space. Basically, anywhere you like it, you can bike it with Lectric.

Archer’s guide to ebikes has helpful tips and answers to FAQs about ebikes.

Terms & Conditions

Culdesac and Lectric eBikes have partnered to support your car-free lifestyle at Culdesac Tempe! This program is intended to support Culdesac Tempe residents by expanding their mobility options to live car-free successfully.

The benefits apply to current Culdesac Tempe residents over the age of 18. Your lease must have started to receive the benefits.

Your acceptance of the ebike comes with the expectation that you will use the ebike for personal use as a mobility mode. Culdesac and Lectric provide you with this ebike in good faith that you will not abuse the program by reselling the ebike for profit or acquiring the ebike with the intention to give it to someone else. Should you terminate your lease early, we reserve the right to reclaim the ebike.

If you decide you would no longer like to own the ebike, you may decide to participate in a “pay it forward” program and give the ebike back to Culdesac so that a future Culdesac Tempe resident can benefit from this program.

You also agree to participate in surveys conducted by Lectric so that they can gain feedback about their product and advance their understanding of ebike ridership. Your contact information will be provided to Lectric for participation in the surveys.

By accepting this ebike, you accept full ownership and liability for the ebike.

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