Micro-retail porch guidelines

Micro-Retail Porch Guidelines

Although all leases and live/work addendums prohibit any storefront additions besides one A-frame provided by Culdesac and one window cling, we’ve created retail-patio guidelines to help retailers highlight the uniqueness of their shops, attract customers, and activate their patio space.


A-frames: One 24x36” black, metal frame per store front (provided by Culdesac)

  • Inserts must be plasticore or natural materials in new condition.
  • Designs must be clean, professional, and minimal.
  • Handwriting is not allowed; please use a stencil if you want to change wording regularly.

Windows: White, temporary vinyl lettering and one window cling with a clean, minimal design are allowed. One “open sign” is allowed. No murals are allowed, but retail merchandise inside the window is permitted.

Lighting: Aesthetic, minimal, lighting allowed.

Planters: Nothing allowed in or on planters.

Seating: Two same-color Culdesac-provided chairs and a drum only.

Porch Decor: One retail merchandise item (e.g., clothing rack, plant rack) that must look clean, aesthetic, and be available in-store for purchase; one ebike or bike; a clean doormat; non-merchandise plants are not allowed.

Events: Additional patio merchandise, lighting, and signage are allowed during events only.

Front Doormats: Front door mats are encouraged, but we reserve the right to remove mats that are not designed for outdoor use, have an inappropriate message, are a trip hazard, or any other reason we deem necessary.

Management reserves the right to adjust guidelines or remove items from patios around the community when deemed necessary at any time and for any duration, for the safety or enjoyment of the Community or its neighbors, and at the Owner’s sole option and discretion.

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