💸 Bike Peace of Mind - Bike rental gift card in case of emergency

Receive a $150 bike rental gift card for Archer’s bike shop in case of theft.

In the unfortunate event your bike is stolen, you can receive a one-time $150 bike rental gift card to use at Archer’s. The bike rental gift card will allow you to rent a bike for a few days while you figure out your next steps. Archer’s allows up to $150 of bike rental charges to be applied toward the purchase of a new bike, so you can receive a $150 discount if you buy a bike from Archer’s.

If your bike has been stolen

  1. File a police report by calling the Tempe Non-Emergency number at (480) 350 8311 and explain the incident and bike details. If the bike was stolen on ASU’s campus, call (480) 965 3456. The 529 shield number is a helpful identifying feature for the police.
    Ask for an officer to respond to the last know location of the bike. Provide our leasing number to the officer for video footage of the incident, including police report number. Cameras may be monitored on site to assist with incident response.
  2. Report your bike as missing in Project 529. You can also add the police report information to your 529 missing bike report.
    1. In Project 529, select your bike in your garage and tap “Start missing bike alert”
    2. Make sure to fill out the details about your bike. Identifying features like the 529 shield number and even stickers or scratches can help correctly identify your bike.
    3. You can also include details about the police report and alert the wider Project 529 community so others can look out for your bike.
  3. Check with your renters insurance to see if they cover bike theft.
  4. Let us know about your stolen bike and provide us with the police report number and a screenshot of the missing bike alert on Project 529. We’ll reach out to give you your gift card.
Your bike needs to be registered with Project 529 to be eligible for the rental gift card.

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