🎪 Events at Culdesac

Join us for resident events, community events, and mobility outings happening all the time at Culdesac.

Types of events

Little Cholla: every Thursday evening in the fall and spring, find vendors, food trucks, and community groups in Little Cholla Plaza. Find the weekly theme on Little Cholla's instagram

Community events: join us for happy hours, fireside chats, and more with people from Tempe and beyond

Resident events: meet your neighbors at potlucks, game nights, movies, or let us know your suggestions

Mobility outings: learn to use your mobility benefits or show off your knowledge of transportation in the Valley of the Sun

Resident-hosted event: thinking of an event you want to see here? Learn more below.

How to find out about events

  1. Look out for the weekly event newsletter in your inbox
  2. Add our event calendar to your own: Google Calendar or other calendar apps
  3. Find the event calendar in the resident portal and RSVP if you'd like
  4. Catch the events slideshows in the lounge and gym

Retailer Events

If you own a business here at Culdesac and want to book space outside your storefront, please follow the steps below to secure your venue!

  1. To use a public space, use this form to apply: Retailer Event Submission Form
  2. Familiarize yourself with the Retailer Event Guidelines

Resident-Hosted Events

Is there an event that you wish was happening at Culdesac?

Remember, you have the power to make it happen! You are always welcomed and encouraged to connect with other residents and those who want to join us at Culdesac to host your own great events and gatherings!

Use this form submission at least 2 weeks in advance for the opportunity to receive additional helpful FUN-ding from Culdesac :)

  1. Submit the proposal and planning form: Host your own event at Culdesac
  2. Once approved - We’ll put the event in the resident portal so you can advertise to invite others to rsvp!
    1. Share flyers on Slack, newsletters, social media and more to have great attendance!
  3. If supplies [snacks, beverages, games, etc.] are needed - we’ll buy them for you and you can pick them up from the leasing office. Up to $100.
  4. Host your awesome event, share pictures & videos so others can join next time!
    1. Send at least 1 picture and 1 video to live.tempe@culdesac.com so we can highlight the fun.
Please do not submit photos/videos of anyone who does not agree to be on Culdesac social media/stories/etc. Failure to adhere to this will result in revoking of event privileges.

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