📄 Your lease guidelines

Occupancy standards

You represent that all occupants that will be residing in the Unit are accurately identified in the Lease. You agree to promptly notify Owner of any change in such number of occupants.

Paying rent

You must pay your rent on or before the 1st day of each month (due date) with a 5 day grace period. Cash is unacceptable without our prior written permission. You must not withhold or offset rent unless authorized by statute. We may, at our option, require at any time that you pay all rent and other sums in cash, certified or cashier’s check, money order, or one monthly check rather than multiple checks. At our discretion, we may convert any and all checks to ACH for the purposes of collecting payment. Rent is not considered accepted if the payment/ACH is rejected, does not clear, or is stopped for any reason. If you don’t pay all rent on or before the 2nd ****day of the month, you’ll pay a late charge. If you don't pay all rent on or before the 2nd day of the month, you'll pay an initial late charge of $50.00 plus a late charge of $10.00 per day after that date until paid in full. Late rent will only be accepted in the form of certified funds and include all late fees, if paid after the 5th of the month.

You’ll also pay a charge of $50.00 ****for each returned check or rejected electronic payment, plus a late charge. If you don’t pay rent on time, you’ll be delinquent and all remedies under this Lease Contract will be authorized. We’ll also have all other remedies for such violation. Resident is responsible for all rental taxes, and will pay any increases in all rental taxes upon 30 days written notice from landlord.

Renter’s insurance

All residents are required to carry a minimum of $100,000.00 Personal Liability Insurance coverage. In addition, we ask that you identify Culdesac Tempe as a "Party of Interest" or "Interested Party" (or similar language as may be available) on the renter's liability insurance policy. Proof of this coverage is required at initial lease signing and lease renewal.


In this document, the terms “you” and “your” refer to all residents listed below and all occupants or guests - treat your guests as an extension of yourself.

Guests are only allowed to stay overnight at the property for up to 7 consecutive days within a three-month period. In accordance to Arizona law (ARS § 33-1378) indicates that: “A person who is a guest of a tenant who is not named on a written lease and who remains on the premises without the permission of the tenant or the landlord is not a lawful tenant and that person's presence in or on the premises does not constitute residency or tenancy.

Resident no-parking agreement

Culdesac is a car-free community and residents agree to certain parking rules outlined in their lease. For more details please refer to your lease and the parking addendum.

Violating these terms is grounds for terminating the resident’s lease or towing and storage at a third party facility, paid at the resident’s expense.

Residents will register the vehicle information of any vehicles owned, controlled, or leased by the resident with the property manager.

During the term of the Lease, no Resident shall:

  1. Park or store any vehicle within the off-street parking lots located at the Property (collectively, the “Project Parking”), including, without limitation, the retail parking lot located at the Property. Exceptions may be granted for temporary authorized uses such as move-in and move-out.
  2. Park a vehicle within the restricted area around the Property (the “Residential Parking Restriction Area”) as shown on the map below. The Residential Parking Restriction Area includes E. Wildermuth Avenue, River Drive, S. Smith Road, and approximately 1 block surrounding the Property in each direction. This prohibition includes on-street parking and private off-street parking for which the Resident does not have express written permission to use.
  3. Park a vehicle at the following Valley Metro Park-and-Ride locations situated within approximately one-half mile of the site: Apache Blvd. & Dorsey Ln., McClintock Dr. & Apache Blvd., and Price-101 Fwy. & Apache Blvd.
  4. Obtain or use a residential parking permit for any area that is within a quarter-mile (¼) of the site or otherwise within the Residential Parking Restriction Area.
    Here is a map of that area

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