🚪Bookable Spaces: Extending your home at Culdesac Tempe

Extend your home on demand at Culdesac Tempe

Parents visiting town? Need to crank out some work? No problem - book a guest suite or office suite

Bookable spaces provide flexibility for Culdesac Tempe residents. From a living room for hosting community gatherings to a guest suite for visiting friends and family that need a little more space - we've got it!

Bookable spaces are bookable through your resident app for a fee. Once you are booked, you will receive an email from the leasing team walking you through access.

Living Rooms and Entertainment Lounges

The living rooms and entertainment lounges offer a comfortable and inviting space for residents and guests to relax, socialize, and unwind.


Pod 2026 - 1146

Pod 2020 - 1064


  • Comfortable seating arrangements
  • Large-screen TV with gaming console compatibility (may vary)
  • Podcast booth designed for recording and producing content


  • $50/day

Guest Suites

Guest suites provide a home-away-from-home experience for visitors. Each suite is equipped with all the necessary amenities to cater to the needs of guests, making it an ideal choice for friends and family who want to stay close, but not too close.


Pod 2016 - 1122

Pod 2026 - 1142

Pod 2020 - 1022


  • King bed
  • En-suite bathroom
  • Mini-fridge
  • Storage space for personal belongings


  • $60/night + $60 cleaning fee
Looking for a full unit or accommodations open to the public? Check out Stays at Culdesac Tempe and use your resident discount!

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are professional meeting spaces designed to facilitate productive discussions and presentations. The rooms are versatile and can be configured to accommodate different seating arrangements as per the needs of the occupants.


Pod 2016 - 1102


  • Conference table
  • TV for visual aids
  • Printer
  • Coffee maker
  • Internet access for seamless connectivity


  • $10 / hour, $38 / day

Booking Instructions
  1. Navigate to your resident portal.
  2. Find the amenities list by navigating to Community > Amenities. Click the amenity you want to book.
  3. Select the date or dates you want to book the amenity for.
    1. Note: For guest suites, you will need to individually book for each night of your stay. For example, if you want to book a guest suite from November 1-3, you would separately select and book for November 1st and November 2nd in the portal (each night of the stay). You will see each night show up as a separate amenity reservation in the portal, but our team knows that this is all part of the same stay.
  4. Select the payment method you use to pay rent. You will not be charged immediately–the amenity fee and an additional cleaning fee will be added to your monthly ledger for payment on the first of the following month.
  5. Once your amenity reservation request has been submitted, the Culdesac team will review it and approve or deny the reservation (we will only deny if the reservation conflicts with another reservation, and the leasing office will reach out to you with more details).
  6. The Culdesac team will be in touch regarding your amenity reservation details, including dates, check-in/out instructions, and how to get access to the amenity.
  7. To cancel or modify your reservation, please contact the Culdesac team. You will not be able to change your reservation through the resident portal. You will be refunded for any cancellations.

Pricing for bookable spaces is subject to change at any time.

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