🚲 Bike Room Guidelines

To ensure a pleasant and safe experience for all residents, please adhere to the following rules and guidelines when using the bike room, located in the southwest corner of Pod 2020:

  1. Access to the bike room is restricted to Culdesac residents only. Do not allow non-residents or guests to enter.
  2. Bikes and scooters are the only items permitted to be stored in the bike room.
  3. Park your bike in the designated storage system and avoid blocking pathways or access to other bikes. Use a sturdy lock to secure your bike to the bike racks.
  4. Be mindful of other residents' bikes and ensure that you do not encroach on their allocated space. Tampering with other residents’ bikes is strictly prohibited.
  5. Do not store bikes for more than 14 consecutive days. Bikes stored for more than 14 consecutive days or bikes that appear abandoned may be subject to removal.
  6. Do not tamper with security cameras, alarms, TVs, or any other security measures in place.
  7. Use in-outlet timers when charging. Do not allow your bicycle to charge for more than 2 hours.
  8. Report any security concerns, maintenance issues, or rule violations to the building management promptly.

Culdesac is not responsible for any damage, theft, or loss of bikes. Use the bike room at your own risk.

Need a quick tire pump up or other bike maintenance tools? Check out the bike maintenance stations located throughout the pods!

To use the provided in-outlet timers, please follow the below directions:

  1. Press the power button to select charging duration of outlet.
  2. Durations are set at 15 minute intervals with a maximum charging duration of 2 hours.
  3. Plug your bike charger into the outlet and let your bicycle charge for no more than 2 hours.
  4. After the selected charging duration has passed, the outlet will switch off until the power button is pressed again.

Have more questions about registering your bike with 529, receiving your free Lectric ebike, or other mobility methods? Check out our mobility articles!

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