🪪 Project 529 - Free bike registration

Register your bike with the Culdesac Project 529 community to assist in case of theft.

Project 529 is a free bike registration community that uses crowdsourcing to help owners find their bikes in case of theft.

Registering your bike on Project 529 makes you eligible for the Bike Peace of Mind rental gift card in case your bike is stolen.

If you did not receive your shield sticker, please let us know.

For more information about Project 529, check out their website.

If you haven't already registered your bike

Register your bike with the Culdesac Project 529 community using this link.

You can register as many bikes as you’d like – it’s all free! When registering your bike it’s helpful to include a serial number to identify the bike if it needs to be recovered. If you don’t have a serial number on your bike, you can use the serial number on the Project 529 shield sticker that was provided in your your apartment at move-in. Place the sticker on your bike for easy identification by police and others in case of theft.

If you've already registered your bike on Project 529

Please share your garage and contact information with Culdesac for a better chance at bike retrieval.

  1. Log in to your Project 529 garage
  2. Tap "Your settings"
  3. Tap "Privacy and Permissions"
  4. Find "Culdesac" under "Add an Organization"
  5. Click "Add"

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