Cork boards

📜 Cork Boards

The provided cork boards will be a great place to share information about what is happening around the community! It will serve as a bulletin for engaging with fellow residents, we encourage their appropriate use. Please see the guidelines below to ensure your post will remain up for all to see.

Location: Package Room lobby & Resident Lounge

Posting Do's

Anything that is appropriate for an all eyes, young and old. This can include: event flyers, goods, services, requests of neighbors, alerts, art, jokes, and fun!

Help keep the boards clear of old postings to make room for new ones!

Posting Dont's

Please be respectful of the residents around you. There are people from all backgrounds, walks of life, and ages here. Culdesac is counting on each of you to post with everyone in mind.

We will not tolerate: racism, profanity, nudity, inappropriate postings, slander, etc.

Anything not posted on designated posting locations will be removed.

Use your better judgement when posting for the community to see.

Have fun with this new feature!

Thank you!

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