📫 Sending and receiving mail

Mailboxes are located on the southeast corner of the Market building, facing the gym. Every apartment receives 2 mailbox keys that provide access to the unique mailbox associated with that unit number. The mailbox number associated with the unit is provided at move-in. If you lose your mailbox key, please contact us. It will cost $50 to replace your mailbox key.

At move in, all residents should fill out the vacant slip form provided by the USPS with name and unit information. You will not be able to receive mail until you have completed this form.

Sending Mail

To send mail, you should pay for and apply the proper postage (e.g., stamps) to the letter you wish to send, seal the envelope, and drop the envelope in one of the outbound mail slots in the mailbox units. 

Receiving Mail

Standard Mailboxes

Here, mail is delivered on the schedule of the USPS.

You will not be notified about the arrival of mail, and will be responsible for checking to see any new mail received in your mailbox.

Go to the package room (open 24/7) to retrieve a package. Packages will not be delivered to mailboxes except for on the occasion when a non perishable USPS package fits into the mailbox.

Only the USPS can deliver to the mailboxes. All other deliveries, no matter the shape or size will be made to the package room.

Special Large Package Mailboxes

Mailboxes will include special larger package areas where USPS will deliver packages on occasion. When this happens, they will leave a key to the larger package mailbox inside your resident mailbox. Use this key to unlock the larger mailbox to retrieve a package.

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