Mill Composting Bins

What's included

R.City + Mill make it easy to prevent waste and send food scraps to local farms. Come to the Leasing Office for your setup.

A 1-gallon pail

Collect your food scraps in the 1 gallon pail and empty them into the Mill kitchen bin as frequently as you'd like. Please only add food.

A Mill kitchen bin in your hallway

Empty your pail into the Mill kitchen bin nearest to you, which will dry and grind everything overnight. The bin cannot accept compostable bags, paper products, plastic or metal.

Pathway to local farm, R.City

Each week, R.City will bring the dried food to their local farm, where they grow fresh, seasonal produce.

What CAN go in a Mill:
fruits & vegetables, peels, pits & rinds, eggshells, plate scrapings, small bones, meats & fish, dairy & eggs.
What CAN'T go in a Mill:
Backyard compost like houseplants & flowers, soiled cardboard & takeout containers, large bones & hard shells, liquids, grease or oil, compostable plastics or packaging, large amounts of sugar, drugs or medicine.

How to use the bins

  1. collect your offerings
  2. open using the foot pedal
  3. deposit your leftover gold
  4. close the lid and click the button!

Locations of bins at Culdesac*:

  • Resident lounge
  • Package room lobby
  • Leasing office
  • Hub building 2nd floor (under shaded hallway)
  • Market building 2nd and 3rd floor hallways

*Note that Mill bins need to be plugged into a dry, covered area.

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