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From ordering packages rent to meeting neighbors, get answers to top Culdesac questions.

How do I use Envoy car rental?

Download the app. Create an account. Use your resident code.

How do I use the package room?

Register in Luxer One (check your email for log-in info). Order items. When your package arrives, use your text message code to open the locker. More here.

How do I set up Avigilon (formerly OpenPath)?

Download the app. Open the email and click "SET UP PHONE." Complete the set-up. Full set-up details are here.

What is Avigilon (formerly OpenPath)?

An app-based security key that grants you access to resident spaces (gym, package room, bike room, pool) and your residential pod. It serves the same function as your key fob.

How do I contact security?

Call 911 for emergencies. Call (480)-210-6004 and press 2 for non-emergencies to reach our staff.

How do I get maintenance help?

For emergencies, call (480) 210-6004 and press 3. Examples of emergency maintenance here.

For non-emergencies, submit a request using your resident portal app. Resident portal info here.

How do I pay rent?

Through your resident app. Resident app info here.

How do I connect with other residents?

Attend the resident events! Subscribe to the event calendar.

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